Brewer may seek third term

According to a Politico article published Monday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is possibly considering running for a third term in 2014, even if it would require changing state laws. “I haven’t ruled it out, and I’ve been encouraged by people — legal scholars and other people — that it’s probably something that I ought to pursue,” Brewer told The Arizona Republic.

The Republic noted that Arizona’s laws only allows the governor to serve two consecutive terms. Brewer told The Republic she believes that there is “ambiguity” in the law, though The Republic’s story didn’t note which parts of the law she find ambiguous.

But her former attorney Joe Kanefield told the paper that it revolves around the legal definition of “term,” and whether it includes a governor who inherited the gubernatorial office, as Brewer did in 2009.

Then Arizona’s secretary of State, Brewer became governor in 2009 due to a line of succession when then-Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano became secretary of Homeland Security. Brewer was then reelected in 2010.

Brewer could not be immediately reached for comment.

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