Daily Border Bulletin: In AL more elected officials call for revamp of immigration law, further agriculture fall out

NDN/NPI is proud of the event that we hosted yesterday with members of congress and leaders from the southwest border region, we will be doing a longer write up of the event later today, for this edition of your daily border bulletin we are going to focus on Alabama. Tomorrow, the border bulletin will feature a press round up from our event.

In Alabama, Calls for Revamping Immigration Law:  A new story focuses on the increasing unintended consequences of Alabama’s anti immigrant law and the growing call from those in the state to change it: “An increasing number of state lawmakers say they are willing to consider critical changes to Alabama’s sweeping anti-immigration  law, part of which appears to make proof of citizenship or legal residency a requirement even for mundane activities like garbage pickup, dog licenses and flu shots at county health departments.  as lawmakers hear complaints from business leaders and constituents, several have become more willing to discuss changing, clarifying or in some cases scrapping sections of the law governing schools, government transactions and several of the law’s stiff penalty provisions. Outside of farmers and poultry plant operators, who have complained of severe labor shortages, the most pointed criticisms concern a legally vague provision that requires proof of immigration status for “any transaction between a person and the state or a political subdivision of the state.”

Help Not Wanted: Rock Center with Brian William’s story on the fall out from Alabama’s immigration law to the agriculture industry in the state. The video is below:

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